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Build your story in the metaverse

Turn any moment into NFTs in seconds.

Sell or share your moments for free.

Customize your planet and earn by renting or sharing its parcels.

5555 unique planets NFTs

5555 unique planets with a real Utility

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8 Base planets
** Attributes
5555 Nfts
1000+ Hours of developpement - 2+ Years in the making
Planet Metallic

This NFT is your key to your planet in the metaverse

Each planet NFT will give access to an entire planet with no limit of customization, a planet where you can build your world, live, relive and share your best moments in a fantastic and unique setting.

Most Premium Digital Assets

Limited to 5555 by a smart contract, these planets will be the first and most premium asset created by Lifestory and will never be recreated.

A metaverse owned by its users

The Lifeverse is a unique and FREE metaverse built to save humanity's memories and life moments. You can travel through time with timelines and space with space capsules, ships, and lands on unique planets.

People, businesses, and brands will all be able to participate in this new ecosystem. No single brand or group can own the Lifeverse. Not even its creators.

The Lifeverse ecosystem will is owned by its users through Non-fungible tokens and ruled by smart contracts so that no one at any given time can hold your memories, your data, and your privacy.

Planet Ice

Travel through time and space

Why use NFTs while the monkeys are losing all value?

Because the future of NFTs is not art. But utility.

A utility NFT gives you, by code, rights in a given setup. Those rights are written in a smart contract and recorded to the Blockchain so that nobody can aver alter-them.

Lifestory allows you to share all your memories through the Blockchain in the form of NFTs for FREE. Nobody but you can claim the ownership of your moments. With Utility NFTs, it's the same.

NFTs are dead. Long live NFTs.

In the Lifeverse all ecosystem assets will be owned by its users; planets, timelines, ships, etc. Each asset is a Utility NFT and can be shared, rented, or sold to anyone.

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Choose the world
you want to live in

Planet Variant 1
Planet Variant 2
Planet Variant 3
Planet Variant 4
Planet Variant 5
Planet Variant 6
Planet Variant 7
Planet Variant 8
Hand grabing a precious moment

Be remembered Forever

Virtual Reality will help you relive your best moments.

The real world is better than anything virtual. Only fools would say otherwise. The purpose of the virtual world is to help us enhance our experiences when the real world can't.

Life is finite. Our memories and life moments get lost. What if we could preserve them, unaltered, and share them with friends, families, or anyone else as if they lived them with us.

Because your moments are unique, they should be unforgettable.

Each moment added to a timeline can be relived, with the help of Virtual Reality, by anyone who has access to it for FREE.

From your child's birth to your best friend's wedding or the last time your family came together. Every second is worth preserving, and we should have the choice to keep it and cherish it forever!

Store on the cloud. Save forever on Lifestory.

Save all the important moments of your life as moments on your timelines. Each moment includes; videos, pictures, sound, or text. Every moment will be recorded as a non-fungible token to the Blockchain.

All your moments are private until you decide otherwise. You are the only owner of your moments.

Unlike limited storage cloud solutions, you don't have to pay to save your moments or share them with your community.

Encapsuled moment
Infinite Timeline

VR Timelines

Timelines are the chronological representation of a person's, group's, or company's life, fictional or real, used to delimitate the boundaries between each aspect of life.

Share your work, love and friendship live as NFT moments for free. Choose which part of your life you want to share with whom.

Virtual Reality will enhance the experience of the moment you shared and allow people to feel as if they were with you in that specific moment.

Navigate your timelines as if you were traveling through time. Keep track of your best life moments and never lose any precious moment to big brother again.

The biggest virtual revolution is taking you to space

LIFC payment card and wallet

Take part in the new economy

The Lifeverse has its own economy and currency.
Each transaction in this ecosystem is made by a unique decentralized currency with smart staking and reward characteristics.

LIFC tokens will be offered as rewards during the various NFT collection sales.

The Marketplace

Each NFT created by Lifers will be available on the Marketplace where anyone can buy any moment made public by its creator.

Listing coming on
September 2022

LIFC will be listed Q3 on main decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.
LIFC will be listed at $0.5

Trading chart with the moon in background


  • Launch of the Planets collection

  • Next Sale : 20 July 2022

Phase 1
  • Listing of the $LIFC on DEX

  • Launch of the Spaceship collection

Phase 2
  • Launch of the third collection

Lifestory Public App Launch
Phase 3
  • Launch of the Fourth collection

  • Listing of $LIFC on CEX

Phase 4

Beta APP VR Launch

Phase 6

Public VR App Launch

Phase 7

Metaverse Timelines* Beta

Phase 8

Secret Project reveal

Phase 9

Secret project launch

Q1 2024

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Partners & Advisors

Picture of Jean-Luc VerhelstLinkedin Logo and link
Jean-Luc Verhelst
Blockchain author, speaker trainer and advisor
Picture of Bertrand VerlaineLinkedin Logo and link
Bertrand Verlaine
Project Manager in IT & Digital management
Picture of Samy BessiLinkedin Logo and link
Samy Bessi
The Belgian esports guy.
Picture of Thibault VerbiestLinkedin Logo and link
Thibault Verbiest
Partner Metalaw / Internet, Fintech & Blockchain lawyer
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Our team used to work with

Picture of Sourosh Aboutalebi
Team Officialy Doxxed (Verified)
By Alpha VeriFi
Picture of Omar AftatLinkedin Logo and link
Omar Aftat
Chief Executive Officer
Picture of Serge GouraryLinkedin Logo and link
Serge Gourary
Chief Technology Officer
Picture of Issa ChairiLinkedin Logo and link
Bertrand Verlaine
Project Manager in IT & Digital management
Picture of Sourosh AboutalebiLinkedin Logo and link
Mahima Karol
Creative Lead
Ex Disney
Picture of Issa ChairiLinkedin Logo and link
Jean-Luc Verhelst
Blockchain author, speaker trainer and advisor
Picture of Issa ChairiLinkedin Logo and link
Thibault Verbiest
Partner Metalaw / Internet, Fintech & Blockchain lawyer
Picture of Sourosh AboutalebiLinkedin Logo and link
Natalia Danilov
Graphic Designer
Ex Amazon
Picture of Issa ChairiLinkedin Logo and link
Marcus Abramovitch
Blockchain consultant
Picture of Mohamed KabbouriLinkedin Logo and link
Mohamed Kabbouri
Chief Infrastructure Officer
Picture of Yasmine SyedLinkedin Logo and link
Yasmine Syed
Chief Product Officer
Picture of Hamza ChairiLinkedin Logo and link
Hamza Chairi
Chief Marketing Officer
Picture of Sourosh AboutalebiLinkedin Logo and link
Karim El Hannouti
Animator & 3D Artist
@Moving Picture Company
Picture of Sourosh AboutalebiLinkedin Logo and link
Antonio Lasala Alastuey
Technical Director, lighting, compositor
Picture of Sourosh Aboutalebi
José María Yus Vicente
Project Manager
Picture of Sourosh Aboutalebi
Marcos Pereda Pañar
3D Artist
Picture of Abderahman BoualiLinkedin Logo and link
Abderahman Bouali
Technical Lead
Picture of Hamza NaqiLinkedin Logo and link
Hamza Naqi
Financial Advisor
Picture of Sourosh AboutalebiLinkedin Logo and link
Marco Turini
Concept Artist
Marvel, StarWars, DC Comics...
Picture of Merouane SaadiLinkedin Logo and link
Merouane Saadi
Digital Marketing @Next Broadcast Media
Picture of Adel SaadiLinkedin Logo and link
Adel Saadi
CEO Next Broadcast Media
Picture of Florien DucommunLinkedin Logo and link
Florian Ducommun
Partner Bonnard Lawson International Law Firm
Picture of Mohamed ElbakkaliLinkedin Logo and link
Mohamed El Bakkali
Financial Advisor - Investor
Picture of Sidi Mohamed HarramLinkedin Logo and link
Sidi Mohamed Harram
Digital Marketer
Picture of Sourosh AboutalebiLinkedin Logo and link
Sourosh Aboutalebi
Digital Marketer
Picture of Sourosh Aboutalebi
Guillem Font Colet
3D Artist
Picture of Sourosh AboutalebiLinkedin Logo and link
Victor Pardos Laboreo
VFX 3D Artist
Picture of Sourosh AboutalebiLinkedin Logo and link
Alexandre Barrelet
Game Designer & Developer
Ex Ubisoft
Picture of Issa Chairi
Nicolas Anelka
Professional Football Player
Picture of Sourosh AboutalebiLinkedin Logo and link
Marco Turini
Concept Artist & Illustrator
Ex Marvel, DC Comics
Picture of Pablo NunezLinkedin Logo and link
Pablo Nunez
NFT Marketing & Acquisition expert
Picture of Issa ChairiLinkedin Logo and link
NFT Marketing & Acquisition expert

Transparency is an essential value in today's and tomorrow's world.



On which blockchain are you building Lifestory?

The Lifestory app is being built on the Polygon network which is a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

Do you impose a cliff and/or vesting period?

There is no vesting period on the public sale.

4% of the the core team, advisors, and private sales investors allocation will be distributed at the listing.

The 96% left are subject to a lockup period of 12 months. 3% will be unlocked each month until no tokens are left.

Is the Lifestory app already available?

The Lifestory app is currently in development. Beta testing should start early Q2 2022. You can join the waiting list anytime to get early access to the app when launched.

How are the LifeCoins going to be distributed?

Your Lifecoins will be unlocked directly on your Life wallet shortly after the ICO ends. After the KYC process, LIFC tokens can be withdrawn to any Ethereum compatible non custodial wallet (Metamask, Ledger, etc.).

Where will the LifeCoins be listed?

The LIFC token will be listed on the main Ethereum based decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, Paraswap, and others end of Q3 2022.

Less than 0.00006944% of the world's population will own the world of tomorrow!

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