The Lifeverse Genesis collection

Mint your planet. Create your world.

Imagine a world where you can create anything, and it becomes a reality. A world where the sky is no longer the limit, you have the power to shape your planet however you see fit. Thanks to Lifestory planet NFTs, that world is now within your reach.

Not sold-out yet and already delivering value! @Lifestory_App project is just amazing!
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How to become a virtual real estate mogul?

Token gate your world
Monetization of your Lifeverse experience is possible through the means of token-gating and charging a per-entry fee. Owners with active supporters, engaged fans, and the like may decide to make use of these gated systems.
Sell your lands
Sell your lands to brands, businesses or celebrities and fill them up so that they can create incredible opportunities for you on your planets!
Rent your parcels
Rent your lands to communities and provide services to maximize your profits

Take a trip through the universe, one planet at a time

The most exclusive real estate in the universe is finally here! In a world where you can buy gas or diamond planets, with their own unique features and worlds - it's hard to choose which one of the 5555 planets will be your favorite. 826 Planets have already been minted during the previous phases. This is your last chance to grab one.

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Not our first mint

Planets minted

Sold-out in 48 minutes. Supply was limited to 300 + 200.

Planets minted

Went through with the mints even though the NFT world was collapsing.

Planets left

Lifestory kept 500 planets for deveopment purposes. All remaining planets are ready to get minted.

A new kind of NFT

Define the fate of your virtual world

You have the power to create and control your own destiny. The Lifeverse is not a game – it’s an entire universe waiting for you to explore.

Buy once, earn a thousand time

The Lifeverse is the only metaverse that allows you to earn from your property without ever having to sell it.

Imagine owning a planet and collecting rent on it every day. Get paid each time someone gets a spot on your planet, and watch your earnings grow over time.

With The Lifeverse, that’s now possible.

Be part of this exciting new economy and start earning.

Start building your virtual empire.

We live in a time when real estate is no longer limited to physical locations.

The metaverse is the new frontier, and metalords like you are shaping it. These lords of the Metaverse focus on creating a better virtual real estate experience for everyone.

By becoming a Lifeverse metalord, you'll have access to exclusive tools and resources to help you build your virtual empire.

Plus, you'll be in good company – the top players in the metaverse are already making their mark.

Your world, your rules

Whether it’s a place to retire and live out your golden years or an exciting new business venture, The Lifeverse has everything you need to make it real.

Imagine waking up every day knowing that today is the day that YOU get to decide what happens. That’s what life is like in The Lifeverse.

This isn’t a simulation – it’s a real world where you set the rules. So come on in and join us!
Why be just a player in someone else's game when you can design your own metaverse?

Seize your destiny

This is the time to make your dreams come true.

Metaverse entrepreneurs are re-defining what it means to be successful. They have the knowledge and drive to take their lives in any direction they choose. If you have what it takes, join us and become one of tomorrow's leaders.

With The Lifeverse, seize your destiny and become who you've always wanted to be. You'll have all the tools and resources you need to make your dreams a reality.

Join now and change your life forever.

What have you done since first mint?

We mint in phases and work in between

We are minting the Lifeverse planets NFTs with different phases, each phase having its own unique features and rewards. In between these stages we build an eco-system for our metaverse app that allows it to grow into something amazing!

100% value back

100% Cashback in LIFC guaranteed!

We're excited to give our early adopters the opportunity of a lifetime!

Get your planets free, with 100% unconditional cashback in Lifecoins.

There's not much more you could ask for when it comes down right here: we believe so deeply in this product and its ecosystem that giving back is simply standard practice - especially if betting on yourself means getting ahead by doing what others won't or can't do.

Being early always pays

Full ETH refund

Too big to be true? Not really.

We are so grateful for your support and we want to give back! The first 1000 NFT bought get a total cashback if we reach SOLD-OUT. We only need the help from our community in order make this happen, so buy now before its too late!!

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Take control of your virtual destiny

Don't let anyone else control your virtual world -- create your very own metaverse.