Beyond the time & space of Virtual Realities.

Visualize your life in your private metaverse.

Lifestory allows you to share all your memories thanks to the Blockchain in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

These sharing can be done directly with your community using public or private "Timelines" in your own metaverse.

Not sold-out yet and already delivering value! @Lifestory_App project is just amazing!
Lejosh @lejosh21m

The cloud is for storage.
Lifestory is the museum.

Every moment should be cherished forever
Record all the important moments of your life by combining the new technologies of blockchain and NFTs with the reflex that we have all already acquired in the digital age.
A personalized timeline with the most memorable moments of your life.
Your story to the rest of humanity in the form of a museum in your metaverse, private, built with your hands, searchable by future generations and likely to inspire them.
Relive your life wherever you want

The lifestory VR ecosystem​

The Lifeverse is comparable to a universe (Metaverse) in which there will be 5555 planets and different ships. ​Each user registered on the app will occupy a default spaceship that will be located in a space zone in the Lifeverse. This space will be his private metaverse.

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What Sets Lifestory Apart

Redefining the Metaverse Experience

In a digital age teeming with virtual worlds and metaverse platforms, The Lifeverse stands distinct.

Our spatial NFTs aren't just 3D spaces; they're boundless realms of imagination, designed to be platform-agnostic and truly interoperable.

But it's not just about the space; it's about the freedom it offers. No other platform grants users such limitless control, from the minutiae of customization to the vastness of its expanse.

Add to this the security of the Life Wallet, the versatility of Lifecoin, and a vision that's set on pioneering, not following. That's the unparalleled value of The Lifeverse.


Grasbing Time & Space

Timelines are the chronological representation of a person's, group's or company's life, fictional or real, used to delineate the boundaries between each life moment.

Navigate your timelines as if you were traveling through time. Keep track of your best life moments and never lose any precious moment to the cloud again.Get as many timelines as you need.

Timelines are the first real applications in the lifeverse on your own vr world.

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Embark on Your Life Journey

The Future of the Metaverse Awaits