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Lifestory is a new platform that makes it easy for anyone to build their own Metaverse - a virtual world that you can explore and interact with others.

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The metaverse builder

Even though virtual reality is one of the most exciting and futuristic technologies, it's still in its early days.

There is no easy and reliable way to create online virtual immersive experiences (Metaverse).

This makes it hard for businesses, brands, and individuals to create their own immersive virtual reality experiences.

Lifestory is the solution to this problem. Our Metaverse builder platform makes it easy for anyone or a brand to create their own immersive virtual reality experiences.


Leverage the Metaverse revolution

This is the future of the internet, and it's happening right now.

Build your metaverse without code

With Lifestory, anyone can create their own metaverse space in minutes without any coding required. Just choose a template, add your content, and launch your metaverse to the world.

Own your digital assets [Web3]

With Lifestory, you can create, import, and sell any NFT within your micro-metaverse. All transactions are recorded to the blockchain, ensuring a safe and secure place for you to build your digital empire.

This is the future of online communities and asset ownership. Jump into Lifestory now and start building your own digital world!

Unleash your creativity

This is your chance to make a real difference in the digital world. Create a space that reflects your unique identity, values, and interests. Guiding people through an authentic experience that only you can provide. Show the world who you are with Lifestory.
Your world without limits

For dreamers and builders

If you're not living, working, and creating online in three dimensions, you're not tapping into your full potential. Lifestory is the first Immersive metaverse builder that allows you to do just that.

What's inside?

Everything you need to create your place in the metaverse

We provide everything you need to create your space in the metaverse. From content creation tools to hosting and security, we have you covered. We're excited to help you join this new frontier!

Sell within your Metaverse

Integrated marketplace

Lifestory is the first metaverse builder with a natively integrated NFT marketplace in every metaverse. Our platform makes it easy for users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs in any metaverse built with Lifestory.

Built by leaders

Team and advisors from all industries

Enter the Metaverse hub

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