Turn Your Memories into Treasures: Lifestory, Your Personal Museum

Capture and Relive Life's Best Moments Forever with Lifestory

Lifestory is a mobile, web, and virtual reality app that helps you capture and organize the best moments of your life into personalized timelines.

Whether you're a brand or just you, Lifestory is the perfect way to tell your story.

Add photos, videos, audio, text, or a mix of all four to your customized timelines and relive those moments solo or with your loved ones.

Not sold-out yet and already delivering value! @Lifestory_App project is just amazing!
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Your Ultimate Memory Keeper

Dive Deep into Your Memories with Lifestory

Instead of just storing your favorite moments as data in the cloud, in albums, or on social media where you might lose control over them, Lifestory lets you create a customizable environment and fully immerse yourself in your memories with VR.

Welcome to your little girl

Your most precious moment

You've just become a parent to a beautiful baby girl! Holding her in your arms for the first time, you're overwhelmed with emotions and never want to forget this moment...

You wish you could relive this feeling every day.

With Lifestory, you can capture this special moment by simply filming it on your smartphone.

Save it to your timeline and add an audio message so you can share your joy with your daughter when she's older.

Even after you're gone, she'll be able to revisit this memory and feel the love you had when you welcomed her into your life.

Your love story

You just met your loved one

Your first eye contact, your first conversation, your first kiss or even your wedding day. Take the time to document your emotions on your timeline and relive them in the future.

The best game ever

You are a professional streamer/player.

You are a professional streamer/player, you play an epic game of your favorite game.

Your community followed you live throughout your game.

Some moments were incredibly well done. You can take these moments in the app, convert them to NFT and offer them to your community of fans!

Are you a business ?

Running shoes brand

Create timelines for each objective:

Tell the story of your company with its highlights

Create a timeline for each category of products or services you offer, with links for in-app purchases

Create a timeline for the people who have contributed to the timeline's success. Through your company's timelines, Lifestory aims to create a revolution in the way your customers buy a product or service, through a strong link to their commitment to your story.

Transform Memories into Experiences with Lifestory